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How to Use Movavi's Online
JPG Converter

1. Upload Your PDF
If you are looking for a way to convert a PDF to a photo for sharing on Facebook or any other reason, upload your PDF by clicking on Upload file at the top of the page.
On the page that opens, click Download file to get the converted file. The tool will automatically save your PDF as an image or group of images.

2. Convert PDF to JPG

How to Convert PDF to JPG for Free Using the Movavi PDF Editor Desktop

If you need to extract just one high-quality image from a PDF, download and install the PDF Editor on your PC or Mac. Launch the program, click the Open File button, and select the PDF file you want to convert to JPEG format. Then, just right-click on the target page and choose Convert to JPG, PNG, BMP from the context menu. The dialog box will let you specify the final file type.

How to Convert a PDF to an Image Using the Pages Mode

If you need to convert an entire large PDF file into smaller image files, hold down the Shift key (Cmd for Mac) while clicking on the first and last page. Сlick on the selected pages with the right mouse button and click Convert to JPG, PNG, BMP in the context menu. In the dialog box, set the file type as JPG.