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How to Edit a PDF File Online with Movavi PDF

If you need to amend a PDF online, go to https://pdfmovavi.com/ in your browser and select Edit a PDF.
1. Use the Website
2. Upload Files
Upload a PDF file from your computer using the Upload file button. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your PDF directly into the workspace.
On the page that opens, specify whether you want to add text or add an image. Then, make the required changes, and click Save in the bottom right corner.
3. Edit and Save Your PDF

How to Edit a PDF for Free Using the Movavi PDF Editor Desktop

To edit individual pages in a multipage PDF document, get the desktop version of Movavi PDF Editor. Launch the program and click Open File to add the file you want to update. Select the page or pages you want to edit by highlighting them using the mouse and keyboard and right-clicking on them. Then, choose one of the options in the context menu. The context menu allows you to copy, paste, delete, and rotate one or more individual pages.

How to Merge, Split, or Edit PDF Documents Using the Pages Mode

To edit many scanned PDF documents in a single batch, download and install Movavi PDF Editor. Launch the program, add the desired file using the Open File button, and go to the Pages mode. If you need to combine the active PDF file with another, choose Append Files in the right-hand menu. To split the PDF file, select a group of pages with the left mouse button while holding down the Shift key. Then, click Extract and specify the file name and location. Use drag-and-drop to reorder individual pages in a document.

How to Modify the PDF Content Including Tables and Images

To insert and edit a table or image in a PDF document, open that document in PDF Editor. Insert the object into the document using the Add Image button. Move and resize the inserted object directly using the mouse cursor. You can also rotate the image using the Rotate Left/Rotate Right/Rotate 180º commands from the context menu.