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Free Online PDF EditorFree Online PDF
Editor Free Online PDF Editor

How to Convert PNG to PDF Online with Movavi PDF

If you need to convert PNG to PDF online, go to https://pdfmovavi.com/ in your browser and select PNG to PDF.
1. Go to the Website
2. Upload Your Image
To upload your image, click the Upload file button, or just drag and drop the image files you need to process.
On the page that opens, set the orientation to be either portrait or landscape and click Create PDF. Our online tool will automatically turn any PNG into a PDF file.
3. Convert PNG to PDF

How to Change PNG to PDF for Free Using the Movavi PDF Editor for Desktop

If you need to transfer a PNG to a PDF document, download and install the desktop version of Movavi's PDF converter on your PC or Mac. Launch the application and open the PNG file to be converted using the Open File button. Then, go to the File menu and choose Save As. The dialog box lets you enter a name for the new PDF file to be created.

How to Create One PDF from Many PNG Images Using the Pages Mode

To convert multiple PNGs to PDF in one pass, launch the application, click Merge Files, and
select two or more image files for merging and converting to PDF. Hit the Merge button – the
program will open all the selected images on one tab in the Pages mode. To save your PNGs as a PDF file, highlight all the images at once by holding down Shift while selecting the first and last images in the list. Then just choose Export from the right-hand menu. In the dialog box, select the target name and location for your PDF.