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How to Sign a PDF Online with Movavi PDF

If you need to sign PDF documents online before emailing or for any other reason, browse to https://pdfmovavi.com/ and select Sign a PDF.
1. Use the Website

How to Add a Signature to a PDF for Free Using the Movavi PDF Editor for Desktop

To e-sign a PDF for free, download and install the desktop version of Movavi PDF Editor. In the PDF Editor, open the document that you want to sign using the Open File button. Then, click Add Signature on the top menu bar. To draw your signature directly in the program, set the text color and draw it with the mouse or touchpad in the signature field.

To insert a pre-existing signature into a PDF document, click Add Signature, hit the Image button in the Signature dialog box, and specify the image file you need to attach. You can then insert the signature by dragging and dropping it into the appropriate place to paste it into the document.
To upload a PDF document for signing, click Upload file at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can just drag and drop your PDF into the workplace.

2. Upload a Document
3. Put an E-Signature on the PDF
In the open document, select whether you want to draw your electronic signature on the PDF or upload an image of a signature from a photo library. Make the appropriate changes, click the Apply button, and the signing tool will automatically save the signed document.